Sunday, September 13, 2009

Highlights of Positive Christian Singles "Tailgate" Dance Party, Friday, September 11, Valdosta, Georgia

Donny_J and Sonjia_B won the Basketball Dance Race!
Chris_J and Donny_J won the Baseball Dance Race!

We sang: "We Will Rock You" by Queen for our Group Karaoke Song.

Our individual karaoke singers were: Donny_J and Ron_S.

We welcomed: Tiffany_A.

We celebrated a birthday: Chris_J.

Thanks to: Alex_B, Chris_J, James_B, and Samantha_I for helping set up and decorate.
Thanks to: Ron_S for being a host.
Thanks to: Debbi_C, Joe_T, and Tiffany_A for helping everyone make their name tag party favors.

Thanks to: Ron_S for helping clean up and pack up.

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