Monday, October 13, 2008

Positive Christian Singles "Duets and Desserts" Dance Party, Friday, October 17, Valdosta, Georgia

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Highlights of Positive Christian Singles "Flying Saucers" Dance Party, Friday, October 10, Valdosta, Georgia

Michelle was chosen "Alien of the Year"!

Chris, Cynthia, Dean, Ken, Lila, and Sonjia each won a Certificate of Achievement in Extraterrestrial Dancing.

Debbi brought alien jokes.

We sang "The Purple People Eater" for our Group Karaoke Song!

We welcomed: Bob and Heather.

Thanks to:
Billy, Samantha, James, and Kiki for helping set up and decorate.
Thanks to: Billy and Nina for helping pack up.
Thanks to:
Cynthia, Dean and Michelle, Ken and Michane, Nina, Randy, Sonjia, Terry, and all others who brought drinks and snacks.
Thanks to: All who participated in making Idelle's surprise birthday celebration such a terrific success and memorable occasion which she was so touched by and greatly appreciated and enjoyed!

Thanks to: Cynthia for so prettily labeling and decorating our new Suggestion Box.